Early Spring Lawn Care Tips

What should I do to get my lawn ready?

After the snow has melted, one of the first tasks should be:

1. Clean Up & Preparation – Quality Lawn Services recommends homeowners should take the necessary time to remove any debris from their existing yards such as: twigs, branches, leaves, pet droppings and winter road gravel most importantly - this may be achieved by raking or renting a power broom to help with this chore. By raking the lawn this helps dethatch and promote growth. Leaving un-mulched leaves on grass will trap moisture and will block sunlight – eventually killing the grass underneath.

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Large white grub in soil

What's Lurking in Your Lawn?

Grubs have been making headlines across the state of Maine for several seasons now.  Turning green lawns brown these beetles have been damaging lawns everywhere.  Learn more about grubs and how Quality Lawn Services can help treat for them.


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