What to do after the Grub Damage!

Grubs have done some major damage this spring to so many lawns! Most of the feeding damage is just about over by mid May, although another round will be upon us as soon as late August thru mid October. So, be sure to have your preventative put down in July to stop this from happening to your lawn! Now that the crows, skunks, raccoons have stopped partying on your lawn – here’s what you should be doing to get it back into shape:

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The MOST Common weeds you will be seeing!

Weeds are a real eye sore to those of us that relish over our turf like lawns. We feel the need to banished them as soon as they show their ugly sides. Basically they are a plant that grows in a place where it’s not wanted. If a weed is strong enough it can cause overcrowding and begin to squeeze out grass as well as rob vital nutrients from the grass roots. Weeds are categorized into annual and perennial. The most common perennial weed is the Dandelion – the one that causes the most displeasure in the lawn world! Weed prevention is all about survival of the fittest and your best defense is a healthy thick lawn that won’t allow any space for weeds to take hold.

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Benefits of Aeration

There are many benefits to aerating a lawn. Over the course of a season, mowing, traffic on the lawn, rain etc., hard pacts the topsoil to where it is difficult for rain water to penetrate the surface causing run off and causes less air flow to the root system resulting in grass that looks choked or depleted of its nutrients.

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Suggested Cultural Practices that will enhance your LAWN

These enhancements are a must if you are to maintain a healthy balance in your lawn. And those refer to the mowing, watering, the thatch control and fertilization. There are our four main cultural practices that we deal with lawn care. And the ones the homeowner has direct control over—mainly watering and mowing—we will apply the right fertilizer at the right time and we can provide the processes for reducing thatch through core aeration, but we really rely upon the homeowner to properly mow and water the lawn. We often say that it is a partnership between QLS and the homeowners.

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Spring Grub Damage

What should I do? And how to treat!

Homeowners during the spring and fall months all over the State of Maine are realizing that Grubs are here to stay and will continue to be a nuisance for years to come.

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Large white grub in soil

What's Lurking in Your Lawn?

Grubs have been making headlines across the state of Maine for several seasons now.  Turning green lawns brown these beetles have been damaging lawns everywhere.  Learn more about grubs and how Quality Lawn Services can help treat for them.


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