Are products safer for children and pets?

Yes, Quality Lawn Services prides itself on using the least toxic products on the market for weed control. In other words “Caution Label” as opposed to Warning or Danger label products. Unless warranted, Quality Lawn Services very seldom blanket sprays a lawn with weed control. In most instances we spot spray weedy areas to minimize the amount of product used.

How soon can I mow my lawn after the application is made?

We recommend waiting 24 hours to allow weed control to activate.

What type of products are you using, liquid or granular?

We use granular slow release fertilizer for the most effective application and the weed control is in liquid form.

If you treat my lawn and not the neighbor’s lawn will I still get great results?

Yes! With Quality Lawn Services complete lawn care program we will maintain the lawn throughout the season and if your neighbors don’t have a similar service, you will enjoy a major difference in the appearance of your lawn.

How often do you take a soil test?

Quality Lawn Services recommends taking a new soil test every 3 years to check nutrient levels, soil ph., and will make recommendations to you based on the new results.

Why do you take a soil test?

Please refer to the soil testing section of this website for an in depth explanation of the benefits to taking a soil test.

How often should I sharpen the blades on my mower?

Great Question! We recommend sharpening your blades 4-5 times each season. 1. Before the season begins, 2. Memorial Day, 3. July 4th, 4. Labor Day, 5. October1st. By keeping your blades sharp, the grass will persevere better during the warm weather and will respond better to fertilization. Mowing with dull blades may pull up seedlings, or make ragged cuts that turn the top of the blade brown as well as becoming more prone to disease infection. Mowing height should be 3″ and leave grass clippings to create a natural nutrient rich fertilizer.