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A fertilizer is a material that supplies one or more of the essential nutrients to plants. When these nutrients are limited or unavailable, turf grass will often show deficiency symptoms such as reduced growth, weak and spindly plants, and poor color. Fertilization cannot be neglected if you want to maintain a great lawn. In fact, all turf professionals will tell you that the best defense against weeds is a thick, well-fertilized turf which helps choke out undesirable weeds.

Nitrogen is the most important element supplied by fertilizers, followed by Potassium and Phosphorus. Our fertilizer blends will vary somewhat during the season based on your program and soil test results. Nitrogen is the element, which is mainly responsible for the nice, green color of turf. It also stimulates growth, which is good for the plant. Excessive growth however can put a real strain on your mowing frequency and can actually harm your root system. We apply the proper amount of Nitrogen with each application, in order to provide good color, while not overdoing it to the extent of harming the root system. Too much Nitrogen is just as bad as not enough. Many of our fertilizers also contain a portion of the Nitrogen in the form of a slow-release product, which will provide a longer-lasting and more consistent color response.

Why fertilize your lawn?

We hear this question a lot. It would be nice if we could fertilize our lawns once and be done with it, just like it would be nice if we could mow once for the season and that would be it. Your lawn provides a growing, natural setting for your home and a place for your family to relax and play, it needs a regularly scheduled fertilization program to reach its potential.

Grass that is properly fertilized — not too little and not too much — produces a dense deep root system capable of withstanding severe weather conditions. That’s why you should consider Quality Lawn Services to properly fertilize your lawn throughout the growing season.

Lawns require a balanced blend

Lawns need a balanced fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to keep it healthy and strong. Most soils have some of these elements present, but usually have become depleted over the years. Grass is a very hungry plant during its major growing season.

Proper fertilizing with balanced applications throughout the growing season promotes thick, dense grass that can resist insects, disease and weed invasions. Applying too much of any one of the basic elements can cause erratic results. Too much nitrogen will cause rapid growth that the roots can’t handle and the blades become long and spindly. In the end, balance is the key.

Quality Lawn Services always does a soil test before applying fertilizer ensuring the proper amount and blend are being applied.

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